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Because we own all our own equipment including our digital file servers and telephone dictation system we do not have to rely on third parties. As soon as a doctor has finished dictating we can make an immediate start on the transcription. We are transcribing constantly throughout the day as files are received. This allows us to provide the fastest possible medical transcription turnaround times for our doctors.


Dictation Received

Transcription Returned

Monday 6AM to 8PM

Tuesday no later than 9 AM

Tuesday 6AM to 8PM

Wednesday no later than 9 AM

Wednesday 6AM to 8PM

Thursday no later than 9 AM

Thursday 6AM to 8PM

Friday no later than 9 AM

Friday 6AM to 8PM

Saturday no later than 9 AM

Saturday 6AM to 8PM

Monday no later than 9 AM

Sunday 6AM to 8PM

Monday no later than 9 AM






Our Customers

"Very pleased with how things are working. This is much simplier than we ever imagined. Our reports look great and the ability to access and print them from any computer makes our lives so much easier."


Plastic Surgery Practice




"The flexibility and support you give us is just great. Thank you so much".


Dr Hammond



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