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Medical Transcription Specialities


We transcribe all medical specialities with our transcriptionists split into specialist teams. Some of the types of reports we transcribe include SOAP Reports, Patient Charts, Letters, H & P Notes, Emergency Room, Progress Notes, Chart Notes, Discharge Summarys, Surgery Notes.

  • Allergology Transcription
  • Andrology Transcription
  • Anesthesia Transcription
  • Angiology Transcription
  • Athletic training Transcription
  • Cardiology Transcription
  • Dermatology Transcription
  • Disaster Medicine Transcription
  • Emergency Medicine Transcription
  • Endocrinology Transcription
  • Family Medicine Transcription
  • Gastroenterology Transcription
  • General Practice Transcription
  • Medical Genetics Transcription
  • Geriatrics Transcription
  • Gerontology Transcription
  • Gynecology Transcription
  • Hematology Transcription
  • Hepatology Transcription
  • Immunology Transcription
  • Infectious Diseases Transcription
  • Internal Medicine Transcription
  • Intensive Care medicine Transcription
  • Military medicine Transcription
  • Nephrology Transcription
  • Neurology Transcription
  • Obstetrics Transcription
  • Oncology Transcription
  • Ophthalmology Transcription
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Transcription
  • Orthopedics Transcription
  • Otolaryngology Transcription
  • Paleopathology Transcription
  • Palliative Medicine Transcription
  • Pathology Transcription
  • Pediatrics Transcription
  • Podiatry Transcription
  • Psychiatry Transcription
  • Pulmonology Transcription
  • Radiology Transcription
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Transcription
  • Rheumatology Transcription
  • Serology Transcription
  • Sexual Health Transcription
  • Sleep Medicine Transcription
  • Sports Medicine Transcription
  • Surgery Transcription
  • Toxicology Transcription
  • Transplantation Medicine Transcription
  • Urology Transcription



Our Customers

"Very pleased with how things are working. This is much simplier than we ever imagined. Our reports look great and the ability to access and print them from any computer makes our lives so much easier."


Plastic Surgery Practice




"The flexibility and support you give us is just great. Thank you so much".


Dr Hammond



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