Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Quality


Our medical transcriptionists all have medical training many from the nursing profession which means we understand medical terminology.


Our medical transcription goes through a series of processing stages to ensure our medical transcription is always of the highest quality. Any report can in some case be checked up to 4 times


Medical Transcriptionist

The report is transcribed in full by our experienced transcriptionist.


QC Level 1 Analyst

The report is QC'ed checked and signed off


QC Level 2 Analyst

Where there are still concerns regarding a report i.e. in some cases a specific word may not have been dictated clearly and needs additional verification it is routed to a QC Level 2 analyst.









Our Customers

"Very pleased with how things are working. This is much simplier than we ever imagined. Our reports look great and the ability to access and print them from any computer makes our lives so much easier."


Plastic Surgery Practice




"The flexibility and support you give us is just great. Thank you so much".


Dr Hammond



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